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Know the developmental stage of your child

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Receive fontnightly “Sparks Action Plan”© (Activities, Play, Strategies) specifically created for your child


Ask your queries from our child development experts

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Know about many prevalent facts & myths related to child development

Know, why we developed “Neev

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Child development is not a race.Your child is unique and developing at her/his own pace. “Neev” assists you to be confident about what you are doing is just appropriate for your child and to be able to provide your BEST attention to your child.



Every month, Neev creates a simple development assessment questionnaire, based on your child’s age and previous assessment results


Neev provides you the option to choose assessment frequency, depending upon your time availability. Options available are every month, every 2 months and every 3 months. We recommend to choose monthly assessment as this ensures the continual tracking of skills from previous months. To know more details, please refer to Neev help section.

Your Time Commitment

Each assessment may take 2-4 hours of your time.

What do you need to do

You need to observe your child and answer few simple questions, for different spheres of development (Sensory, Cognitive, Language, Gross-Motor, Fine-Motor, Social-Emotional). You need to submit the assessment within the 1 week assessment window.

What do you get from assessment

Assessments give you the idea of your child's developmental stage. You'll get following for every submitted assessment.

  • Growth & Development percentile
  • Progress on Growth & Development
  • Any developmental risk areas
You can see the sample dashboard & assessment here assessmentdashboard

Spark Actions

Every fortnight, Neev shares with you...

Age and development stage appropriate activities, toys and things to consider (like safety & security aspects)


Neev provides you the option to choose Spark Actions frequency, depending upon your preference. Options available are every week and every alternate week. We recommend to choose weekly Spark Actions to ensure continued momentum and focus. To know more details, please refer to Neev help section.

Your Time Commitment

Spark actions are to assist you during whatever time you are spending with your child. You may keep the Neev email communication in your phone for ready reference. Normally it'll take 15-20 Hrs per fortnight (2 weeks).

What do you need to do

You need to go though the Neev communication, refer and use the shared strategies and activities while interacting with your child.

Spark Actions are sent to you through the email and these are also available on the Neev website. Spark Actions are personalised for your child and these are according to previous assessment results. These enable you to spend quality time with your child, focused on development.

  • Your single trustworthy source of all relevant information, which is personalized and customized for your child
  • Your relentless focus on your child’s optimum development
See the sample Sparks here click here

Ask Experts

You can ask your child growth and development related queries from our panel of experts

How often

As often as you need. We have no limitation on number of queries.

Response Time

Depending upon the volume of queries, our experts can take about 3 working days to answer your query. You can also expect earlier response from some other experienced parents. If you have any urgent query then we suggest you to go to your pediatrician.

What do you need to do

You need to go to the section “Ask Experts” on Kidgaze website. Search for any query similar to what you have. If no similar query is available, then ask your query with all possible details.

See the Expert Answers hereclick here


There are huge number of prevalent myths which parents must deal everyday. We have a sizable and ever growing collection of facts and myths to help you to filter through tons of outside advice on child care & development

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