Our mission is to make parents raise their child as a happy & healthy individual.


Parenthood is considered more important than any other job in the world and we as parents understand our capability to uplift the society as a whole by providing the best attention to our children.

What prompted us to start Kidgaze


Few observations about state of children in the world, made us think.

Million - Age group 0-5 years

Million - children under 5 years of age will fail to reach their full potential because of their adverse growing environment.

Million - Adolescents 5-19 years

Million - 20% of the world's adolescents have a behavioural problem, with depression being the most frequent disease.
Early childhood, is critical for cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.
Experts believe that poor problem-solving and coping skills are the root cause of these issues.

Who is best positioned to make positive changes?

We just happened to meet one eminent child development specialist and during the discussion we talked about this issue. Specialists think that we, as Parents, are the most influential first teacher who make huge difference...

Child's Eco system

Till at least 14 years of age, parents have the power to influence quality of your child's ecosystem. This period is key for your child, to have strong foundations of emotional stability and intellectual maturity, in addition to establishing the roots of communication and physical abilities.

 Happiness isn't something you give to kids – it's something you teach them. 

Do Parents have right information at the right time?

We met hundreds of young parents, pediatricians, child psychologists, gynecologists and child development experts to get the answer of this question. There were number of discussions & incidents which led us to believe that with the current lifestyle (More time at workplace) and changing social equations (Nuclear families), it is challenging for parents to get personalized & right information at the right time and to have the apt quality interaction with the kid.

Some Real incidents...

Busy Paediatricians
When our daughter was about 2 years old, we used to go to our cousin, a well known paediatrician in Delhi, for the routine checkup & vaccination. We had so many queries but we could never get all the answers because after every now & then, someone would knock the door to ask him, when is he going to get free? We realised that good paediatricians are extremely busy & not able to devote enough time to focus on child development.
They are always pulled into child growth & seasonal issues.
Good Paediatrician
father stopping baby
Once I was waiting outside Dr. Sarika's (one of our patron experts) cabin, to discuss about Neev. A couple came with their 5-6 months old baby. I overheard the father saying to the mother, "Baby puts everything in her mouth, seems like she is hungry all the time. Are we feeding her enough?" I was sure if they ask about it, Dr. Sarika would inform them about mouthing stage and how to handle it. Then I thought, what if they don't ask, thinking that their assumption is right.
There are things we don't know that we don't know.
Unknowns about child development
child's play
We went to a friend’s place and we saw their daughter playing with their neighbour's daughter. She was trying to sit in a very small toy chair. Her mother immediately told her not to do it. Then mother walked up to us and said, “Do you think she is bit dumb, she is trying to sit on that toy chair”. We then informed the mother that her daughter doesn’t yet understand the concept of size and she might have seen you sitting in the similar shaped chair so she is trying to sit on this. That mother could have labeled her daughter as dumbo for the life, had we not informed her this. Our child will become what we think she is.
labelling the baby

There were number of such incidents & interactions related to children's language, social-emotional and brain development.

We thought that we have to do something about it and we started our journey.

Our Journey

First time we thought that we should do something about the problem and we set our mission and vision.
2011 To 2013
We met hundreds of parents and expert practitioners to understand the challenges.
Early 2013
We empaneled number of experts to develop our first program, catering to the kids, aged zero to three.
Late 2013
Launched the beta program with few selected parents.
Early 2015
Launched our first program to assist parents in assessing the stage of their kid’s development and to know the stage and age appropriate activities & play.
We know we have a long road ahead to realize our vision and we are committed to make it possible in our sphere of influence.

We would be glad to know your ideas, suggestions, criticisms, which can help us immensely in our journey. If you connect with our vision and would like to be associated with us in any capacity, please feel free to contact us.
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We all are different personalities with different expertise but we all share the common vision of making this world even better by making children happy and healthy.