Raise a Healthy &
Happy Child
Your child needs & deserves your BEST attention in early years, to grow into a healthy & happy individual

Your partner in your parenthood journey till your child becomes an adult.
Our first program Neev is for parents who have 0 to 3 year old child.

What is NEEV?

Neev is your parenting partner. It assists you to know at what developmental stage your child is and enables you to have the right interaction and play with your child.

Child Development Assessment

Assess Development

Know the progress percentiles & developmental stage of your child by answering simple questionnaire.

Ask child development experts

Ask Experts

Ask queries from child development experts & fellow parents on topics related to nutrition & development.

actions and strategies for child play

Action Sparks

Receive weekly or fortnightly “Sparks Actions”© (Activities, Play, Strategies) specifically created for your child.

parenting facts and myths


Know about many prevalent facts & myths related to parenting, nutrition and child growth & development.


Child’s Development in 6 spheres of Life

Neev addresses all six developmental spheres, i.e. Sensory, Cognitive/Brain, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Language & Social-Emotional. Problem solving and Self help are also covered with-in these six spheres. Sensory development sphere is for first six months of life.
Click on sphere icons to know more..

Blog Post

Look into all the things related to your child's growth and development & your life with your little one.

18th Aug

A role model is a person who serves as an example by influencing others. Parents are their children's strongest role models and greatest influence on them. Since bir...

1st Aug

Television is one of the most prevalent media influences in the kids’ lives. Many TV shows are specially designed for the kids and are marketed as educational progra...

15th Jul

What you say and how you say it to your toddler can have a big impact on your child’s language skills and overall development. By age 2 your child will know what hun...

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